Optional Premium Coating: Helica


Balinit® Helica, an AlCrN-based coating, has made it possible to systematically optimize and decisively improve the key coating properties for drilling applications.

Greater abrasion resistance, extra shear strength, lower adhesion tendency, maximum toughness and a very smooth surface achieve a quantum leap in drilling performance.

The superior properties of this new coating generation have been optimized especially for drills. The above advantages fully come to the fore with solid carbide drills, whether cooling is external or internal. In all common steel and cast iron qualities, Balinit® Helica affords virtually unlimited drill performance, even in the challenging operation of deep-hole drilling with twist drills.

The extra-smooth surfaces of Balinit® Helica-coated drills mean smooth, reliable chip vacuation from the entire hole – a must if you want to exploit the full potential of your drills.